The VooPoo Drag 3

I’m pretty confident in saying that the VooPoo drag 3 is my favorite version so far of the DRAG series. Again, this being the dual 18650 mod with a 510 connection. Going all the way back to even the first DRAG mod, I think VooPoo has always done a pretty solid job. I didn’t LOVE the Drag 2, but the Drag 3 is something that I would want to own.

The Drag 3 feels slick and “techy” kind of along the same lines as the LostVape dual 18650 devices. If you have nothing to vape, The Drag3 is the newest, most updated-est version of the DRAG mods. Alternatively you can probably also just wait two months and get the Drag 3 “Prime” or “Plus” or “max”… probably

Thinking about it now, as good as the Drag3 is, I still don’t like it as much as the VooPoo Argus GT. Personally I think that was just a cooler mod all around.

I forgot to include Banana Stickers, The VooPoo Drag 3 is firmly a 4, maybe a 4 and 1/2 because of those TPP coil heads.


00:00 Hello
01:03 Up Close
03:22 Coil Head Install
06:04 TPP Coil Heads
06:43 Likes
07:55 Dislikes
09:01 Slight Rant
10:59 Budget, Aliens

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