Sui-SIDE mech by SuicideMods

Without running the risk of repeating myself. This is kinda the only side-fire mech I have really truly enjoyed. Not counting things like the Clutch. TUBE side fire I should have said. It’s just delightful. It does have a weak point that I think you need to be careful with.

But otherwise, the Sui-SIDE mech is built awesome, hits well and because it’s a tube, is really really comfy to hold. Can’t to links, so use google. I know that Suicidemods tries to keep the prices down on these, but the Sui-SIDE with the Stacker add-on does get a little on the pricey side. Certainly not “high end” $400+, but certainly nothing to blow your nose at.


00:00 Hello There
00:42 Up Close
04:33 Stack Mode
06:19 Normal View
07:08 Likes
08:23 Dislikes
08:59 Budget, Alien, Bananas

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