SUORIN Air Pro – Hey now

Suorin has come a long way since I last tried their products. This Suorin Air Pro is worlds better than I remember Suorin being. Full rich flavorful coil heads, Smooth ( but more loose ) draw, nice sized battery and pod.

It’s kinda hard to not dig the Suorin Air Pro. Even with the slightly bigger size, I really like having that bigger battery. The pods / coil heads seem to have a very very average life. The Suorin Air Pro pods start off REALLY strong and crispy and flavorful. After 3-4 pods the flavor dips a little and the crispy drops a little. It settles into a highly decent vape for the rest of its life. No shopping links allowed.


00:00 Hello there
00:41 Up Close
02:07 4 Day Followup
03:04 6 Day Followup
04:03 10 Day / Likes
05:37 Dislikes
06:53 Comparisons

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