Welcome to tonight’s LIVE VLOG 6/17/21! #Replaycrew! I’m blaming my YOYOY Patron MATTMMC for tonight’s VLOG gimmick. It’s not a VLOG is a GLOV! It’s Backward! DRAWKCAB! Regardless of those shenanigans…

We will be going through a whole mess of segments tonight including Beer, Retro vaping, Liquid tasting, News, Music, and honestly a whole lot more BACKWARD! or DRAWKCAB!. Trying to keep that positive energy going through the end of this week. Tonight’s VLOG will be a much more reasonable length. Gate is open, come on in.


00:00 Black Lodge
05:21 Vlog Starts
09:01 Beer TIME!
14:48 Getting to Know Grimm Green
27:11 Random Liquid Tasting
41:13 Retro Vaping
01:00:35 News & Advocacy
01:49:20 Vape Mail
02:22:31 What I’ve Been Vaping

Stream Specific Links

Charles Gardner 10,000 Studies – Mic Drop Tweet
TobaccoKills Call To action for Canada
Rights For Vapers – Canada
Vaping Demystified – Yorkshire Cancer Research
American Vaping Association
World Vapers Alliance EU Petition
Trade Body Slams German Vapor Tax
Germany: Bill Raising Vape and Tobacco Taxes is Approved
The Impact Of COP9 On Vapers
Experts Call For Global Access to Safer Nicotine
Bid for CT ban on flavored vape ends after jockeying by lawmakers
Health impact of E-cigarettes: a prospective 3.5-year study of regular daily users who have never smoked

Less Critical Recurring Links

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