Build ‘n Chill – Aliens Part 2!SUCCESS! – HAAR RTA

BUILD ‘n CHILL YEAH!! Here we go, everyone! We are going to try Aliens again today. Triple 28g core / 38g alien over it, All TMNI80. Got to spend some time this weekend getting some tips and help from a few YOYOY Patrons. Feeling good about today. Assuming I’ll fail again, but really hoping I don’t. I also got a building care package from my sponsor Twisted Messes. So that might help out today too!! xxz

If we can get enough Alien wire for a coil, we are going to put it in the HAAR RTA this afternoon. Got this as a gift from Mr. Jonathan K! really excited to try this RTA out. Even if we can’t get any useable Alien wire, I’m still going to do some claptons for this RTA. Gate is open, come on in.

TwistedMesses is my new wire sponsor, so all the wire being used today is Twisted Messes NI80.


00:00 Hold Please
05:10 Hello There / Rundown
10:42 HAAR Rundown
12:54 Alien Coil Round Two
01:09:10 Alien Wrap / HAAR Install
01:32:20 HAAR Vaps


I guess in closing all I have to say is, I honestly can’t believe I did it and the HAAR is kind of awesome. I think I’ll do a full full review for the HAAR later on.

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