Vapor Giant Kronos 2S | 2021 RTA

I don’t often get to review “cool” RE: Non-China stuff so much anymore, so forgive me for taking this Kronos 2S video so long. I don’t want to condense down what I said in the video but the TLDR of this is: It’s awesome, completely. The Kronos 2S does MTL really well and very tight, it also does restricted lung very well and very restricted. The construction and machining are pretty tip-top.

Even though it’s been a few years, this still feels like a Vapor Giant product to me. Crazy easy to build, mostly simple to wick. It’s a really smart design IMO.


00:00 Hello There
00:59 Up Close
03:30 Wicking
07:07 Airflow Changing
09:02 Normal View / Likes
12:23 Dislikes
15:18 Banana Stickers
16:46 Budget hands / Aliens Game

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