SAKERZ Sub Tank | Ain’t That A Thing

If you are a fan of the Falcon and Falcon King sub tank, chances are you will like these coil heads as well. The SAKERZ sub tank doesn’t look or feel like a Falcon tank, but the SAKERZ coil heads certainly feel like Falcon / Horizon tech coil heads.

The SAKERZ sub tank certainly isn’t bad, in fact, I like the top fill design of it much more than the Crown 5. The SAKERZ two-in-one mesh coil heads also vape pretty awesome. Solid contenter modern tank, nothing really new or groundbreaking to see there.


00:00 Hello There
00:51 Up Close
03:53 Normal View
04:34 Day 8
06:27 Day 13 Likes
08:04 Dislikes
08:46 Budget, Alien, Bananas

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