TBN! Vaping & Covid? NEW SCIENCE! – Dude Tased By Cops For Vaping

Welcome back to TBN. Vape industry news, advocacy and information. Today’s Topics Include: Literally everyone from Nancy Pelosi to Matt Meyers and Mike Bloomberg were totally and completely wrong about a connection between vaping and covid. They used this connection to limit and restrict vaping based on NOTHING. Now that there is actual science from the Mayo Clinic on Vaping and COVID and we will discuss it today.

We are also going to discuss this poor dude in MD that was tased, hog tied and arrested for vaping on the boardwalk. We’re not really here today to discuss the response from the cops, but more the laws passed by CFTFK and Bloomberg Philanthropies that lead directly to this incident.

At TBN we pride ourselves on following science and fact over politics and partisan lines. Our guests often include public health advocates, experts and doctors. Timestamps are the first pinned comment underneath this video. Science will win, Vaping is going to change the world and save millions and millions of lives.

Every other Tuesday afternoon we will be discussing the topics of the day. As well as current breaking news from the world of vaping, tobacco, nicotine and tobacco harm reduction. Let’s get educated and fight the good fight together!

All articles, studies and science links are below.


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11:45 Health Warning on Cigarettes (UK)
17:48 British Government & Swedish Snus
20:47 PMTA Products (Sales Extension?)
28:49 CA Lifts COVID Restrictions
37:53 Tased for Vaping Story
54:09 Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids Response
01:02:20 The Main Thing (Smokers/Vapers & COVID)
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Stream Specific Links

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Less Critical Recurring Links

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