Clutch X18 | Everything I Wanted

It’s hard not to love the Clutch X18, man. It’s kind of everything I wanted in a dual battery version of the Clutch. Mike and Signature tips I feel have taken Dovpo manufacturing to a pretty great level. All the fit and finish in this mod are tip-top and everything in the Clutch x18 works perfectly. Though I haven’t tested the fuses yet. Maybe I should?

Chances are if you’re watching this you have either already purchased one and want me to tell you it’s rad, or you are looking for someone to just push you over the ledge. Let me be that person. The Clutch X18 is rad as hell.


00:00 hello there
01:04 Up Close
04:05 Likes
06:22 Dislikes
07:08 Budget, Alien, Bananas

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