Uwell | HAVOK AIO | Excellent!

THE 0.2 MESH VAPES SO GOOD! Despite all the branding and nonsense I’m going to re-up on these 0.2 mesh coils for the Uwell Havok AIO. The MTL is fine, but the least “good” of the two. Otherwise everything I said stands.

Pretty slick little banger, plagued by horrible graphics and branding. Good thing my mod says MESH on it, I might have forgotten what was in the middle of my coil heads. UWELL LET ME DESIGN A HAVOK V2 FOR YOU!


00:00 hello there
00:42 Up Close
02:44 Screen UI
03:48 Day 6 Update
05:39 Day 11 Update
06:30 Likes
07:38 Dislikes
09:13 DL / MTL Coil Heads
11:20 Budget, Alien, Bananas

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