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QP’s Official stance is that this is not to be used with anything but the flashlight attachment. Evidently, they are shipping new Delrin insulators out to existing customers and including new insulators in all batches moving forward.

For “reasons” QP Design is calling The PREY a mechanical flashlight, which is technically the truth. It is a poor performing mechanical flashlight, but an otherwise excellent performing mechanical RDA vaporizer. Good lord… we’re not really doing this VOLDEMORT gag, are we?

QP Design sells this as a flashlight and doesn’t intend for it to be used in any other way. With that said. See the pinned comment, don’t use a 30mm atomizer on The PREY basically ever. Even though they make a 28mm atomizer that can be used on this and shipped it to me in the same package.

It’s a mech, the Prey is a mech mod and it’s thicc and hits like a nice mech mod we have come to expect from QP Design. This is really really niche, as most mechs are, as well as for ADVANCED USERS ONLY. I dig the switch on this a lot. When I first set it up, I somehow got a spark, but was never able to replicate it. Everything fits together great and the battery “cup” at the top is insulated from the battery and the tube itself. Be safe and double check things.

Remember that if your mech doesn’t fire, stop and pull the battery out. Make that a habit

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