Damn Vape ATEMPORAL 24MM RTA | Sponge Nation 9,000

The consensus on the Damn Vape ATEMPORAL 24MM RTA seems to be all over the place. Some people really seem to love it hard, others don’t, and some people’s ATEMPORAL RTA has a whistle.

My Atemporal RTA doesn’t whistle, but it is spongy as hell. This airflow is a textbook definition of “spongy”. It’s an odd term, but as I’ve said, it feels like a kitchen sponge is in front of your airflow.

The flavor is honestly really great. The top-down juice flow system works really flawlessly. The deck is probably my least favorite part of this RTA. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just annoying and I don’t like it. Unnecessary is what I would call this deck. A postless style would have made this RTA a bigger winner in my book. Oh well.

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