TBN! 2021 CDC on Youth Vaping And Smoking | China “Vaping” Ban | Mexico Rallies!

Welcome back to TBN. Industry news, advocacy, and information. Today’s Topics Include: The 2021 CDC National Youth Tobacco Survey data shows a LOT of interesting things about the current state of youth vaping and youth smoking. Don’t worry we have Danielle Jones and her amazing graphs to help us look at all this data.

Spoilers but… Youth smoking continues to drop, as does youth vaping. Both to historic record lows. So why isn’t anyone from CDC mentioning it? or celebrating the lowest youth smoking rates of all time? seems odd right?

Thanks for being here, thanks for being down for the cause. Link Explosion Below.


00:00 Hold PLZ
05:07 TBN GO!
07:01 CASAA YouTube
13:48 Arrested for Selling Vapes? –
24:06 New Regulations in China
43:24 Rallies in Mexico
51:49 National Youth Tobacco Survey
01:17:14 Charts & Graphs
01:56:25 Heat Not Burn Products / Questionable Math
02:06:50 Hookah

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