Was The Wotofo Gear V1 RTA Even Really That Good?

What was YOUR experience with the OG Wotofo Gear V1 RTA?👇 COMMENT!
I’m also sorry I look like a scraggly old man in this video. It was a weekday morning and I hadn’t shaved yet.

Now then…Was the OG Gear RTA even really THAT good? like to begin with? People are saying the V2 ruined the V1 and I kind of agree. But I also think they are more similar than everyone realizes with an obvious clear winner… Spoilers…

……..Yeah obviously of course the Gear V1 is a banger. I remember it being a banger, i’ve always thought of it as a banger. Even in rainbow with a next-to-nothing capacity (non-bubble glass ) it’s still a banger and I still wanna use it. If you have the means to get one I highly recommend it. Still a banger after all these years.

This is my OG Gear review from when I was doing weird-ass intros. I called it “Almost flawless”