By analyzing common themes across the Instagram images, the researchers found that over 70% contained e-juices and devices, which contain higher nicotine concentrations and are often popular among e-cigarette novices. The analytics data shared by the vaping influencers also showed that many of their followers were underage (13 to 17 years old).

I’m calling BS on this article and their research on vape influencers. They don’t name the influencers that were interviewed and they don’t provide any evidence that any of their followers were underage. They simply say “many of them were underage”

Well here are my Instagram analytics

Michelle Minton on twitter recently posted a really great tweet and Christine’s reply is spot on. This is the real tragedy and absolutely speaks to WHY youths are seeing out substances in the first place. It’s the same reason why I ( a 42 year old guy ) sought out “legal for me substances” to cope with my stress and anxiety.

Young people in 2020 are part of a crazy social media internet world that I couldn’t imagine dealing with at 12 or 13 years old. I remember 7th grade, it sucks man. It’s also when I first smoked weed, first smoked cigarettes and first drank alcohol, and I didn’t have the non-stop internet popularity contest of Instagram or Facebook to deal with.

Since I won’t be streaming really this month.  I’ll be posting my commentary on vape news here at Hope that’s cool, also punctuation mistakes galore, now then

In a November 2019 Press release Democratic hopeful Elizabeth Warren made her stance on e-ciggs and vaping very clear.  While not amazing news,  it’s less terrible than others.  Elizabeth Warren has always seemed like Bernie Sanders “lite” to me which is to say,  She is much more realistic.  She doesn’t say “FREE COLLEGE FOR EVERYONE” she supports Clinton era tax brackets, 30% on individuals making $1,000,000 or more per year, and wants to use that money to help pay off student loans.  This doesn’t bother me literally at all.

Her official stance on vaping is as follows and the such as

“The FDA has made it clear, we will not tolerate violations of federal tobacco regulations designed to protect the American public – especially underage tobacco sales to youth. In this case, the FDA was prompted to take action because Smart Toothpicks LLC ignored the laws”

This above text is from the most recent press release from the fine and upstanding organization of the Food and Drug Administration.  I’m definitely glad that with everything on their plate they have FINALLY taken action against “Big Toothpick” and their plan to hook kids on nicotine toothpicks.