Vmate Pod Is God – DragX Is Familiar – SMOKERS APPLY HERE

This video is almost literally 5 solid min of me just gushing about the Vmate Pod. The Vmate is incredible, as I said in the video. So reliable, so consistent, such a good vape. SMOKERS will want to take a look at this pod. Use some 12mg ( normal nic ) and it will vape great. I tried these pods with a 705 VG liquid and it worked great. Dying to get my hands on more of these because it’s all I want to use.


00:00 Hello and Up Close
02:24 Drag X First
03:19 Vmate Pod Is God
05:47 Budget, Alien, Bananas

The Drag X is pretty rad as well. Here’s my review from when I was a bit more skeptical of the PNP system.

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